5 Blocks that stop us having what Jesus Paid for

For over the past 17 years , Nicholas has been specialising in the extracting of pain, trauma, false beliefs, and systemic issues of the heart. Often times, these issues of the heart are the real road blocks in the areas of life, relationships, finances, and business. By finding the root of the problem, Nicholas is able to navigate his clients to wholistic breakthrough, ultimately moving them into their full potential.

The results from addressing the root and treating it with truth reconciles what has been severed and wholeness is restored. Just in the last year there has been:

– Over 120 cancelled divorces

– The trauma from those who have had abortions removed

– Relational restoration with families, friendships, ect.

– Anxieties, stress, disorders resolved

– Hope happening naturally

– Experiencing God’s love as a normal .


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