The Three Faces of an Advancing People

What are the types of people needed to advance the Kingdom of God?

Matthew 11:12:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been advancing, and violent men (and women) lay hold of it.”

Using the story of Joshua and the people crossing the Jordan River, Kim illustrates the three faces of an advancing people.


* Go first
* Communicate vision
* Allow others to pass them
* Are secure


* Take risks
* Take a personal piece of the vision on behalf of the leadership
* Explore new territory
* Wait and assist
* Are humble

Faithful Establishers:

* Faithfully establish the vision
* Resource it
* Must move with the times or become a monument

Joshua 3-4: The Crossing of the Jordan River

At the start, Joshua and the tribes are all together and of equal value. God speaks and tells them to prepare themselves. The leaders held the waters back, so the people could cross safely.

They were laying hold of the kingdom:

* God made a PLAN
* Leaders made a WAY
* Pioneers took NEW ground
* Faithful Establishers FOLLOWED

The Pioneers waited on the other side until all of the Faithful Establishers and the Leaders arrived and then they celebrated together.

Everyone is finding their place.

Leaders take the first steps:

* Insecurity is exposed
* They release and encourage others
* They protect

Pioneers go out and beyond:

* They take risks
* Pride and areas of needed humility are exposed
* They turn back and offer a hand to bring others along

Faithful Establishers come through:

* They must obey and follow
* They’re committed to community
* They establish what’s been done.

This is a picture of our personal journeys: our preferences, our weaknesses, the various parts of our lives. People jostle for roles when they don’t realise that we all should be simultaneously functioning in these three facets of an advancing people. For example, someone could be a Pioneer in business, while a Faithful Establisher in church and a Leader on their badminton team. It’s also important to understand that these three faces will change with the various seasons of life we find ourselves in.

How about you? Where does this apply to your journey?

Listen to the message in its entirety:  The Three Faces of an Advancing People.

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